Latino HealthCare Forum

Latino HealthCare Forum

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Latino HealthCare Forum Programs

Secure Your Health

As a premier "Champion of Coverage," we strive to educate the community about affordable health insurance.

Promo Salud

We provide Community Health Worker training to bolster understanding of healthy lifestyle choices.


Center for Healthy Communities

The CHC will seek to research public policies and other special initiatives.

Manantial de Salud North Central

Manantial De Salud works closely with community members in the North Central area of the city to address Emergency Room utilization.

Manantial de Salud Dove Springs

Serving Travis County Dove Springs, Manantial De Salud works closely with the community.

Rundberg Health innovation program

Rundberg community and Latino Healthcare Forum Rundberg initiative members, work closely to increase behavior change and access to information and health services.