Latino HealthCare Forum

Center for Healthy Communities

The Center for Healthy Communities is the newest initiative for the Latino HealthCare Forum; it will be the service delivery vehicle for our organization.


The CHC has partnered with the communities it serves to assess needs and to create programs that:

  • Reach people outside of traditional health settings such as schools, work sites, health care facilities, and within communities
  • Integrate the Latino Healthcare Forum’s Community Health Workers (CHWs) into community based efforts to prevent chronic disease
  • Focus on priorities for healthier living with strategies that focus on tobacco free living, active living, and healthy eating, and high-impact
  • Provide free, confidential individual counselling and educational community information on accessing and using health insurance through outreach, enrollment and education
  • Leverage health information technology to support patient, family and community engagement through a variety of technology solutions
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The Center for Healthy Communities is committed to its values that foster collaboration, community-based approaches; long-term systems change, and improve access to underserved and vulnerable populations. The CHC is guided by the following principles:

  • Commitment to the underserved and to reducing health disparities
  • A broad definition of health that emphasizes the many factors that improved, can help communities healthier places to live, learn, work, and play
  • Building on community strengths and assets
  • Prevention, early intervention, and health promotion, as well as equal access to care
  • Evidence-based and culturally appropriate initiatives
  • Mutual learning where the CHC and communities listen to, collaborate with, and learn from each other
  • Community-based participatory research evaluation