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Manantial De Salud

"At Manantial we believe that the community has the power to live a healthy lifestyle, by making informed life changes that fit their cultural practices"

Manantial de Salud, is a grassroots health network developed by the Latino Healthcare Forum, it exists to promote better access to health care, healthier environments and lifestyles for Latinos. Serving Travis County communities from North Central Austin to Dove Springs, we work hand in hand with community members to promote wellness. The Manantial de Salud program was established initially with grants from the University of Texas at Austin to promote healthy lifestyles.

Manantial de Salud Community

Visit our YouTube channel and view videos of our members talking about some of our initiatives.

About Manantial de Salud Dove Springs

This group of enthusiastic group of area leaders managed behavior change campaigns for the Dove Springs community. The initiative was Community Health Worker lead in conjunction with area residents, that believe that small life style changes can have a significant impact in their health.

Small community meetings and heavy outreach through the network, inform area residents in Smoking Cessation and other programs such as a "No Soda Pledge" campaign to educate the community were selected by the group. Since its inception the program evolved and workined closely with Sendero Health Plans and individuals and families in a clinic setting to enhance the quality of life through basic healthy lifestyle information.