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A Place Base Initiative by the LHCF

This Project was created and managed by the Latino Healthcare Forum with funding from the City of Austin This is a community-owned health improvement process focusing on health and healthcare in Austin’s Rundberg area.


Our LHCF project is about communities and individuals harnessing local resources and expertise to help themselves. We believe that by bringing resources and enhancing individual’s skills we can help develop infrastructure with service providers and residents to empower the Rundberg community.

In 2015 the LHCF implemented and presented the (CHA) Community Health Assessment, community members were key part of a lengthy qualitative and quantitative analysis of the community, the same year we hosted a Hackathon under the Center for Healthy Communities. Community members and stakeholders were a key part of our Hackathon and our App development, we were very proud to utilize Community Participatory Research practices throughout the entire process.

 In 2016 we started Rundberg Community Innovation Zone (CHIP) Community Health Improvement Plan and identified the need of a Place Base Initiative, because of that engagement process. The community recommended our Mobile application which consists of a local resource directory as well as a speech to text function, to support the Rundberg Community. We were happy to place the first Kiosk at a local store with our Rundberg Community Resource Application. Thanks to the CHIP recommendations, we embarked in our community Health Worker training of Rundberg with great success. Some of our certified Community Health Workers are serving the Rundberg community as part of our collaboration with the City of Austin Office of Sustainability, AISD, Austin Voices, Caritas of Austin and The Refugee Center. Our CHW’s are working in the community addressing resident’s needs, such as: physical activity, language, transportation, medical appointment support, medical navigation, follow ups, food access issues, referrals to WIC and basic need assistance to their patients as well as enrollments to health insurance and community benefits. 

Rundberg Community Resource APP

Our mobile application was design as part of our Community Base Initiative. Our goal is to support community members, accessing resources in the Rundberg area and address language barriers through a translating mobile application.

You can access our online app by clicking here.


Rundberg Community Resources App download Instructions:

The Rundberg Community Resources application is also available through Google Play free of charge. It can be downloaded directly to an Android or Google device using the Play Store mobile application.

How to Download and Install the app:

  1. First make sure you have Google Play Store installed on your device. It’s usually pre-installed in most Android devices, but check anyway.

  2. Make sure you are connected to the internet and on the search bar type Rundberg App.

  3. Then click on the Install button. Once it finishes downloading it, installation will begin.

  4. Once installed click on the Open button and you're all set.

Final Rundberg II CHIP Report

Rundberg CHA Summary Report